Change in Delivery Location for Telluride Pick Up, starting March 9th

We have one important change for anyone picking up in Telluride on Tuesday\’s starting this Tuesday, March 9th! Due to the Town of Telluride permitting regulations for Vending businesses selling pre-paid products, the location of our delivery pick up has changed to L Lot (old galloping goose bus pullout/semi-circle off Mahoney across from Cimarron Lodge west entrance). Town of Telluride Pick up Map
INSTRUCTIONS for Pick Up (8:45-9:30am on Tuesday\’s)
Take a right on Mahoney (first road taking a right at the roundabout at the beginning of town if coming into the Town of Telluride). Go over the San Miguel River (small bridge) and immediately to the right is the old galloping goose pullout/semi-circle (across the street from Cimarron Lodge entrance). Jay Saxton, our delivery driver, will park at the end of the semi circle. Please park behind the van in a row (about 4 cars). Grab your order and pull around the van so others can drive up and park behind the van. If a spot is not available circle thru the Shandoka parking lot and try again. Jay Saxton\’s cell phone number is 760-895-7449 should you have troubles finding him. Or, please try Wills Archer, Fresh Food Hub Manager, at 757-477-5071 or direct to the Hub at 970-327-0418 if Jay is not answering. Any questions, email: