Overview of Membership and Voting

F.R.E.S.H. is organized as a cooperative. Though we will be legally required to nominate a board, we function in as collaborative and non-hierarchical structure as we can.

Members Voting

All members in good standing will cast one vote for:

  • Election of board members at annual Board meeting

When the Board chooses to cast a Member Ballot:

  • Enactment of resolutions or direction to the board and functional groups
  • Changes to bylaws, major policies, or mission statements
  • Distribution of surplus funds to the membership and/or non-profit entities

~Voting can be conducted in person meetings, or with a ballot on the website or in shop prior to the meeting.

~Members also have the ability to submit a request for a Special Member meeting or a Member ballot if item is pressing or time sensitive. 

Board Voting

The Board members will vote amongst themselves at in person meetings regarding:

  • Interpretation of bylaws, policies, and compatibility of activities with the mission of F.R.E.S.H. This inculdes all functions of the Retail and Non-profit. Please view By-laws for more detailed infomation. 

~most decision will take place at quarterly Board meeting or at monthly general meeting.