How to Purchase Items Through FRESH

Online Ordering Temporarily Unavailable

The online ordering system is currently unavailable to members. We are working hard to incorporate new features and suggestions uncovered during our beta test. Look for a vastly improved online ordering system in the coming months.

In the meantime, orders to UNFI and Azure Standard are continuing. UNFI (United Natural Foods Inc.) offers mainly products in bulk sizes. We encourage groups, family, and friends to order together and split large sized items. As the needs of our members become clear, FRESH will expand its range of in-store and smaller sized options. Please send requests for bulk orders or items you would like to see stocked in shop to

Orders can be picked up in person at 1630 Grand Ave, Norwood, CO 81423.

In Person

Check our Calendar for our open hours, and for special events. Open hours will expand as locally available products increase into the summer. Come by for a visit. Check out the What's in Shop page for a current list of what is in stock in the shop.

The shop is located at 1630 Grand Avenue in Norwood, between the Happy Belly Deli and the Uptown Salon.