Order Through Azure Standard and Pickup at the Hub

Azure Standard is a buying club with great ethics and products at competitive prices. However they are currently only delivering to Grand Junction as the closest location. In order to make it easier for our members to order through this distributor, FRESH Food Hub now offers the ability to pick up your Azure items in our Norwood Shop

You can order directly through their website and pickup on specific Tuesdays between 4-8pm. See our calendar at the right side of this page for the next order deadline and pickup date. 

We charge an 18% driving fee for members and a 9% driving fee for members in good standing. For example, if your purchase was $100, your driving fee would be $18 for members, or $9 for members in good standing. The driving fee will be paid at the time you pickup your Azure box.

To Place an Azure Standard Order for Pickup at the Hub:

  1. Please check out our What's In Shop page first, and help support our local producers.  
  2. Create a user account with the freshfoodhub online (for membership and customer data)
  3. Go to azurestandard.com and create a user account on that site also (sign up link is on the top right of the page)
  4. Create your order on the Azure site
  5. When checking out on the Azure site, be sure to use FRESH's drop location code # d798809 
  6. Your order will be delivered to Grand Junction. FRESH will pick it up for you and have it at our shop on the corresponding Tuesday. You may pickup and pay driving fees then.
About Azure:

After 40 years in business, Azure Standard is now the largest independent natural and organic food distributor in the country. As a result of extraordinary growth and steadfast commitment, we now deliver over 12,000 earth-friendly products direct to families, manufacturers and retailers nationwide through our vast trucking network, including Hawaii and Alaska. We also offer ground shipping to any location in the U.S.

We believe food brings people together as one of the most powerful forces in our world. Nutrient-rich, organic food offers more than nourishment of our bodies. The way we grow, handle and consume food has a major impact on our communities, our society, and the world. Eating healthy food from healthy soil is our Creator’s original intent for people everywhere.