The Watch, FRESH Food Hub health day article

Posted: Thursday, February 25, 2016 9:40 am 

Up Bear Creek, by Art Goodtimes

FRESH … While you have to love the acronym, this new Norwood group’s actual moniker is a little clunky: Food Resources Encompassing a Social Hub. But the group itself is anything but. The locavore food movement’s trendy, and FRESH is off to a great start with last weekend’s free health day event at the Livery … I missed out on the free back massages, but Catherine Peterson’s salad was delicious. Jen Nelson & Mel Eggars’ Apple Core Project table I found fascinating, and Telluride Mushroom Company’s Scott Koch did a comprehensive presentation on the fungal world — pictures of his Idarado myco-remediation site off Black Bear Road being the most phenomenal ... I also missed Regan Tuttle’s yoga & essential oil workshops, astrology with Cynthia Zehm and an evening of music with local musicians. Which is to say there were a lot of very fun things happening in Norwood Saturday. I met new people. Exchanged contacts. But I made it back to Cloud Acre in time to walk Simba and admire the rising moon … FRESH Food Hub is a buying club and local food store now under development, open to both the public & members, offering the best possible prices on wholesome, healthy foods. It will operate synergistically as a for-profit retail space and a non-profit buying club … Its website ( links to an article in a Boulder-based publication at the forefront of Colorado’s local food revolution, Local Food Shift magazine ( Darien Cabral’s article there is entitled, “Shift Happens: the Role of Food Hubs in Local Food.” As he notes, “The local food movement is taking off nationwide, and Colorado is no exception.” The founding of a food hub in Norwood — the county’s traditional agricultural center — seems to be right in line with a significant movement looking to decentralize food the way some have called for us to decentralize our power … “As the local food shift continues to happen,” adds Cabral, “food hubs will play a major role.” Food hubs along with established farmers markets, CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture), traditional farms and ranches, and developing farm economies for cannabis and hemp … This is an exciting time to be in agriculture, as the Fossil Fuel Era winds down and self-sufficiency-in-place and sustainability-in-the-face-of-change become central dictums of the 21st century.