The Fresh Foundation: New Focus, New Operator

The Fresh Foundation is excited to announce the next phase in its evolution! We are in the process of choosing an operator to oversee the retail portion of the independent Fresh Food Hub store, currently located on Grand Avenue in Norwood, CO. The Fresh Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3), will shift its focus to wholesale distribution of locally grown foods and continue to support and grow regional food security programs.  

The new operator will focus on the retail sector to sell both locally sourced food and organic and fair-trade products. In light of changes with the Thorneycroft Kitchen and Bakery closure we hope to collaborate to continue the sale of locally-produced goods in  Norwood in an innovative cafe/grocery store setting with the new operator.

To facilitate this evolution, the Fresh Food Hub store will be temporarily suspending service, including online delivery/pick-up on September 15th. We’ll be announcing our new location and new operator soon as we continue to help the local food movement thrive in our region. The Fresh Foundation is currently in negotiations for the location of a new retail space. 

This transition to an operator focused on the retail aspect, will help the Fresh Foundation focus on its non-profit mission of increasing overall volume and distribution of local foods and supporting food security programs. The Fresh Foundation currently aggregates foods from more than 45 local/regional farms and distributes those via a newly designed wholesale operation that sells to local institutions including food banks and other food security programs. 

The Fresh Food Hub has served the Norwood community since 2016. The Hub has purchased over half a million dollars in local food since its inception and has donated more than 2000 lbs of local food to food banks and food security programs, with an estimated 2500 more lbs to be delivered this year. In 2020, the non-profit, Fresh Foundation, was created to provide a platform to better support food security programs and distribute locally grown food. Current programs include the free Senior Lunch on Sundays, distribution of local food to the West End Family Backpack program, Naturita Elementary and Food Banks as well as providing produce donations to food banks through the Community Food Connection program. 

Community support from patrons, co-op members, staff, volunteers and our very important grantors has been the backbone of the Fresh Food Hub and Fresh Foundation organizations’ success. The true north guiding the mission of the Fresh Food Hub and Fresh Foundation are the local farmers and ranchers providing the region with organic, sustainable, and ethically produced food. We are excited to nurture the next phase of our development to strengthen the local food network bringing local food to local plates.

Those interested in helping with the transition or anyone wanting more information please email  We anticipate markdowns on current store inventory starting September 1st and will continue to be open regular hours until the store closes on September 15th to help in the transition to a new space and operator.

Technical Information:

  1. Tuesday, September 14th will be the last day of raw milk delivery service with Milk and Honey Homestead. For those who are due a refund for delivery service, expect a check on September 14th with your last pickup. Refer to Milk and Honey Homestead\’s email for more details about this service. We hope the new Operator once and running will be able to provide this service by November.
  1. Last day for online delivery to Ethos on Fridays will be September 10th, if you place an order for Telluride delivery after September 10th it will automatically be delivered the following Tuesday.
  2. CSA seasonal program will continue to the end date of September 15th for Mountain Village, and September 28th for Telluride and Norwood customers as planned. Despite the online shopping service taking a pause on September 14th, the CSA will finish its season cycle. Thanks, as always for supporting local! 
    -Telluride CSAs will be delivered Tuesday mornings at the same location and time, on the 21st and 28th.
    -MV customers, please plan to pickup in the plaza with Sam as usual, until the end date of September 15th.
    -Norwood CSA customers pickup on Tuesdays as usual until September 14th when shop is open. Csas for the last two weeks will need picked up on Monday the 20th and 27th at the Hub between 5-7pm. If you have an issue picking up, please call 510-205-4550 and we’ll arrange a time that works!
  3. All food for in-store shopping will be marked down starting September 1st. During this time no outsourced food will be ordered. Only minimal locally produced food, such as produce and baked goods will be restocked.
  4. Volunteers! WE love YOU. If you\’re interested in continuing to help support the project under different hands please let us know! We value your input and voice, Contact leila at 510-205-4550 to give us feedback, or to stay connected as we evolve.
  5. The Hub’s Sunday Senior Lunch program will end this summer, September 12th being the last day of service. The additional grant funding will pay to supply the Divide Restaurant’s Senior Lunch program with local food. Thank you to Kristi\’s Kitchen for running the Sunday program this summer with delicious local food!
  6. Our commercial kitchen rental services through WEEDC will be available through this transition and move. If interested in renting a commercial kitchen please contact Leila at 510-205-4550.