Who We Are

Fresh. Local. Community.

We’re a food cooperative in Norwood, Colorado (Community-owned or Member-owner food Cooperative)

Our Mission

We’re striving to offer a market place that…

  • Increases access to quality foods in our community
  • Accommodates small scale local producers
  • Incentivizes the growth of products and food in our region through economy and education


How We Source Our Food

  • Small and large scale local products
  • Colorado grown/made
  • USA grown/made
  • Organically grown/produced
  • Fair trade and equal exchange
  • Independent small-scale companies

Our Board Members

There are still board positions open, inquire with us if you’re interested or would like to know more about what we do!

  • Leila Seraphin

    While growing up seeing how hard it was for my mom to afford quality food, and incorporate cooking into our household made me extremely passionate about food justice as a young adult. Food inequities for humans and farm animals alike pushed me to focus on sustainability model an activist. I came to Norwood in 2015 and stayed here because I saw culture that practiced self sufficiency, humbled and sincerely. Being raised in a city, I immensely value clean soil and water and appreciate every second of gardening here because of it.

    I offer the project my passion and dedication; I have a strong background in community organizing and communications and believe volunteerism is fundamental for growth and identity.  The Hub was founded to promote environmental stewardship, shared health and a more intact relationship with our food. The “health food movement” can unintentionally act in classist, elitist or insular; I’m committed to challenging this, and creating alternative models that are incisive and wide reaching.  I see quality, nutritious food as a fundamental right, not a privilege. The more we can support each other and consume responsibility, the more resilient our communities become inside and out.

  • Melanie Eggers, Co-Chairman

    Guided by a former career in marketing, I freelance for various businesses including Ryder Walker Alpine Adventures in Telluride. I co-founded an heirloom orchard restoration project, the Apple Core Project, and worked as the Local Food Initiative coordinator for three years. Currently, I work as the Food Coordinator for the local EDA grant focused on agricultural expansion and distribution for our local farmers/producers. Recently, I finished a year-long planning grant for a local Food Security Implementation plan for the Telluride Foundation.  I received a Holistic Nutrition certificate from the Bauman College of Nutrition and Culinary Studies out of Berkeley, CA. I lived in Telluride for more than 20 years and moved to Norwood six years ago to plant a garden, cook and eat local, seasonal organic food, and spend a quieter farm life with my husband Erik, Mato and Chayton.

  • Samantha Andrews, Secretary

    I joined the Food Hub board to help grow the local food scene and be a voice for the farmers. My partner and I moved to the western slope in 1995 and love homesteading. We currently own Birdhouse Farm and raise organically grown meat, milk, vegetables, and fruit. We also do construction, forestry, and trail construction work as Bedrock Land Works, LLC.

    For me, a successful Food Hub would help grow the number of family farms in the west end of San Miguel and Montrose counties and their incomes. It would connect consumers to the healthy, fresh, affordable food that our neighbors have worked so hard to create. It could be the beginning of a regenerated landscape of farms and producers and could change the Iives of many people in our community around the simple notion and appreciation of healthy food.

  • Kris Holstrom 

    I am the owner of Tomten Farm, a high altitude, off-grid, permaculture based research, demonstration and education farm at 9000’ near Telluride, Colorado. I consult on permaculture designs, edible and medicinal landscaping, and school and community gardens through the non-profit SWIRL, the Southwest Institute for Resilience. I have a BS in Forest Management from Utah State University and an MS in Horticulture from Virginia Tech and for 7 years was the regional Sustainability Coordinator in San Miguel County.

    I’ve spent over three decades educating the public and youth about sustainability issues including renewable energy, food security, waste reduction and “out of the box” systems thinking to contribute to regional solutions to current challenges. My work in local food systems ranges from producing food as a farmer, to contributing to state-wide policy as part of the the Colorado Food System Policy group. I’ve been a Board member for the Norwood Fresh Food Hub since it started and helped oversee the organizational processes under SWIRL. I’m currently County Commissioner, representing District 3, for San Miguel County, Colorado. My family and I have lived on Hastings Mesa, outside of Placerville, for 33 years.

  • Hannah Rossman, Co-Chairman

    I moved to Norwood first in 2009 as a farming and baking apprentice for Indian Ridge Farm. I left for a few years but always thought about returning to the area. My husband and I moved back in 2012 and I began working as a baker again. In 2016 I started my own wholesale artisan bread bakery, Blue Grouse Bread, that specializes in organic and locally grown wheats that we mill in house. I have a background as both a farmer and baker and know first hand the importance of supporting our local economy through food. I also believe that food truly ties a community together. I joined the FRESH Food Hub board in hopes of helping to boost a self sustaining food system and economy in our region.

  • Mesa Owen

    I grew up in Paradox, Colorado on a self sustaining farm. As a child, my parents instilled in me the value of growing food to support one’s self and community.
    In 2016 I bought a farm in Norwood, where I learned the challenges of farming in our area and developed true respect for our local producers. Through working and volunteering for the Fresh Food Hub I felt a part of a shared mission that spoke true to my values- local, environmentally conscious, and community oriented. Currently, I am in the process of completing my Masters in Social Work, which has taught me the importance of speaking up for under resourced populations that has historically included farmers, low SES populations, and small rural towns.

  • Kendal Smith

    I moved to San Miguel County in 2016, drawn to the mix of beautiful mountains and unique desert.  It took a few years to discover but I fell in love with Norwood and the incredible community here that values many of the things for which I have been searching.  I grew up on a family farm and ranch in Eastern Colorado, instilling in me the importance of supporting the smaller producers as well as an understanding of the broad benefits of locally produced food.  Since 2007 I have been working in the nonprofit sector, in three different countries, and in many different roles. Currently, I am working to complete a M.S. in Nonprofit Administration and Development.  The efforts towards a sustainable community resource that supports the local producers and provides access to good food for people in the community is why I became part of the FRESH Food Hub.  Being on the board, I hope to share my prior experience and will work hard to preserve the Hub’s affordable access to locally grown healthy food and its role in our local community.