Your Membership Options

1) Community (buy-in) Membership is

$150 per year or $75 for 6 months

Keep in mind your membership not only allows you discounts but sustains the program and keeps markups as low as possible. Our philosophy is to serve the producer and customers alike by trying our best to eliminate the \”middle man\” costs seen in larger economic food structures. We are a gassroots program and cant succeed without your support!

2) Work Trade Membership volunteer six hours each month, this could include working in shop, organizing orders, event support, or driving distribution route.


1) Board Membership volunteer shifts or professional services approx.6 hours each month and 4 annual meetings

2) Shop Supporters. Any member who has a shop shift, shares a shift, or substitutes for more than 6 hours per month

Why Join? Membership Benefits

Without members, a co-op cannot succeed. Members in good standing are entitled to many benefits, including:

Bulk foods, authentically grown, fresh, local produce & local arts & crafts at 7.5% off retail prices
You are supporting an ethical, food based, grassroots project in your community
discounts for community events/workshops
Voting privileges & organizational influence