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Austin Family Honey Co.

The Austin Family Honey Company was started in the spring of 2008. Three of the Austin grandchildren, brothers Clay (11) and Eric (12) Carney joined forces with cousin William Austin (13) as partners in a business where they could demonstrate their own passion for the farming industry.

Interest in bee production began with Eric at age 8 when he attended a conference with Tony and Glenn. He was mesmerized by listening to a bee keeper give a presentation on all the positives of raising honey bees. Eric’s passion for bees continued to grow until Papa Glenn finally presented the boys with 12 colonies of bees, and all the equipment needed to get started in beekeeping. The boys have a mentor who has 30 years of experience. He works with them on a regular basis. The boys have continued their training by attending conferences on all phases of honey production. They are often asked to make educational presentations to groups that are interested in honeybees and their contribution to our food supply. Their honey business has been a hit. In 2009 they won the Young Entrepreneurs of Colorado award. They have also been featured in numerous newspaper and TV news stories.